Vacuumed Sweeper Cars are used in the cleaning of public institutions, municipalities and large areas. Since it works with a fuel system, it can work for a long time without stopping. You can find the opportunity to use diesel vacuumed sweepers produced up to a certain capacity as much as you want without any electricity restrictions.

The municipality has many duties. One of them is the cleanliness of roads and streets, they are responsible for the cleanliness of Highways, Bridges, Airports, Bridges (including Metrobus) and for the clean and comfortable operation of public transport on the roads. It ensures that the environment is clean and healthy for Public Transport Vehicles (Public Buses, Public Buses, Minibuses, School / Personnel Service Vehicles) and Public Service Vehicles (Ambulance, Fire Brigade and Police / Gendarmerie).

What are Vacuum Road Sweepers?

Vacuum Road Sweeping Vehicles are generally cleaning machines that vacuum and purify the streets’ garbage and similar dirt from the streets in large settlements.

What Vacuumed Sweepers Do?

Vacuum Road Sweepers soften the dirt / dust on the roads and generally on the sidewalks by wetting them first and then collect the garbage with a strong vacuum and provide fast and hygienic cleaning.

Vacuumed Sweepers Working System

Orakci Machinery OVS-series Vacuumed Sweepers; It consists of auxiliary motor, garbage chamber, vacuum fan, hydraulic and pneumatic system, brush and irrigation systems. The garbage chamber capacity varies from 4m3 to 10 m3, depending on the vehicle mounted on it. The vehicle can be controlled from one side, separately from the right or left side, as well as the steering system of the vehicle can be designed double-sided, both from the right and left sides.

The vacuum fan is mounted directly on the hopper. The fan is driven by a hydraulic motor with a steel body. This system prevents vacuum losses. By means of the irrigation system used to prevent dust during sweeping, dust collection is also carried out in the vacuum system.

Vacuumed Sweepers are connected to the vehicle and a loading chamber is formed by raising the rear end radius, a bucket that sweeps the street debris accumulated in the loading chamber by sweeping into the body, a compression-unloading curtain that applies pressure to the residues during compression and the vehicle is powered by the movement box. It consists of hydraulic equipment.

As ORAKCI Machinery, our first priority is to ensure that the cleaning equipment we have produced on the roads in summer and winter reach the maximum levels of benefit and efficiency. Our entire production process, from the project stage to the product delivery, is based on this awareness. We care about the safety and comfort of an employee who is on the way to work, an ambulance driver who knows no obstacles to raising patients, and millions of people who are on the roads in summer and winter.

We spend intensive overtime to ensure that our equipment can work under all kinds of difficult conditions, that it can be used for long years and that our national resources are used in the most efficient way. For this reason, we research, develop solutions and produce with our struggle-loving spirit to produce much more quality, much more efficient, much longer life.

All series of equipment produced in ORAKCI Machinery and vacuumed sweepers; It is built with advanced engineering knowledge in all processes from the project stage to the moment of use and tested under the most difficult conditions. The vehicles are programmed in such a way that operators can easily use them, achieve effective results with the least amount of mixture and prevent errors, without reducing productivity during the process.

Due to the difficulty of working environments, in order to reduce the probability of failure and to provide long-term use; It is produced by using high quality hydraulic components and high strength mechanical parts.

All series of equipment produced in ORAKCI Machinery and Vacuumed Sweepers; It provides a wide range of solutions in all kinds of environmental and climatic conditions, in combinations that can be applied on vehicles of all capacities. Apart from our standardized models for many conditions and vehicle combinations in line with our research and sectoral experience; With our extensive engineering knowledge and experience, offers the opportunity to supply project-specific products in line with different demands.

vacuum road sweeper
vacuum road sweeper


Water Tank

vacuum road sweeper

The water tank is made of 316 L stainless high quality steel. In this way, corrosion resistance is at the highest level. Corrosion resistance of this tank is kept at a high level due to its compliance with the standards in the installation leading to the irrigation system. The tank, which has a capacity of 4 and 5 m3 1200 L, can be enlarged with special projects according to customer demand. Thanks to its narrow floor space, it does not need a wave breaker. Precautions have been taken against leakage in filling and unloading systems.

Auxiliary Motor

vacuum road sweeper

It is a diesel engine that drives the road sweeper equipment, operating independently of the vehicle’s engine, whose power varies between 80 and 130 HP depending on customer demand, country standard and equipment volume.

Auxiliary engine options we offer:

  • JCB
  • Tumosan
  • Perkins
  • Cummins
  •  Kubota

Hydraulic Power Transmission System

Power transmission is provided in 2 different ways in car-mounted road sweeps.

  • Belt Pulley System
  • Hydraulic Power Transmission Systems

The hydraulic pump, which provides 120 – 140 Bar pressure, transmits the power from the auxiliary motor to the suction fan, brush system and irrigation system without a bad image and occupational safety risk.

The hydraulic oil tank has a capacity of 180 L and provides storage, filtering and cooling of the oil.

Because of work safety, the damper and rear cover are connected to the vehicle engine, not from the auxiliary engine P.T.O. it is driven by (cub gearbox).

Sweeping System

vacuum road sweeper

The sweeping system turns the brushes by means of the drive hydromotor coming from the hydraulic pump. Sweeping is done on the left or only on the right. While the brush rotates in the direction of sweeping, the middle brush sweeps towards the working side brush and the collected waste is transferred to the waste reservoir through the bucket. The width of this process is called the sweep trail and this starts from 2090 mm in our equipment.

  • In addition, if required, it can be done manually with the rear hose to collect the waste on the roadside or on the pavement.
vacuum road sweeper

Suction Fan

vacuum road sweeper

The suction fan is in the main class of vacuumed sweeper equipment used in vacuum. It is the heart of another equipment. This main part ensures that the wastes are pulled into the wastes hopper from the front of the bucket by rotating the impeller with the rotation moment from the hydromotor on the volute. About the ideal suction power by making the fan design suitable for the long-term suction volume and manufacturing it unbalanced.

Touch Control Panel

vacuum road sweeper

The touchscreen control panel placed in the driver’s cabin of the vehicle is one of the most important main parts in terms of functionality as well as being small in volume. With its menu structure designed with user convenience in mind, it is arranged in a format that the operator can easily understand and use.

While this panel provides complete control of the equipment, it allows the operator to use it without leaving the seat by seeing the equipment’s indicators and closed circuit camera system on the same screen. It guides the technicians correctly with error feedback and total working hour screens for malfunction and maintenance. While this panel is provided as a standard feature by ORAKCI Machinery, some companies provide equipment control with manual key panels that do not offer these facilities. In-cabin Touch Control System provides CANBUS support for suitable vehicles if required.


  1. The working speed of the vacuumed sweepers will be in the range of 0-20 km / hour.
  2. The Vacuumed Sweeper will be strong enough to withstand the impacts and loads it will be exposed to due to road and working conditions in this operating range, and permanent form change, breakage and similar damage will not occur in its structure. The blade body will be designed and supported in accordance with the tendencies.
  3. Right-left rotation of the middle brush in the sweeping system will be approximately 150. All brushes and buckets will have a valve system that will provide smooth down-up movements and necessary adjustments.
  4. The damper piston will be active on the hydraulic lock valve (Safety Valve) to prevent the case from closing in cases such as hose explosion.
  5. The entire hydraulic system will be resistant to 140 bar working pressure and tightness will be provided at this pressure.
  6. Hydraulic hoses comply with at least SAE 100 R2 standard.
  7. Records, valves, couplings and other metal elements used in the system will be made of stainless material or covered against corrosion.
  8. It has a structure that provides ease of maintenance thanks to its simple sub-group design and “Error Reporting System”.
  9. A closed circuit camera system was installed in the driver’s cabin, allowing the driver to control the sweeping area.
  10. Equipment designs are suitable for transportation in containers. In this way, our equipment can be delivered to our customers all over the world. Our customers can provide tax exemption with the equipment disassembled on the vehicle.
  11. It can be produced as mounted and disassembled on the vehicle. However, in disassembled production, the first installation should be done with our support. By responding to customer and market needs, production suitable for other business models can be evaluated.
  12. 1-year product warranty and 10-year spare parts supply guarantee against any manufacturing defects that may occur.
  13. After the analysis of each designed equipment with programs, it is tested for at least 6 months in the field test and put into mass production. In this way, we ensure a long working life that will ensure customer satisfaction.
  14. Our system provides convenience in maintenance and repair with the LED lamp used for the illumination of the engine compartment.
  15. When the damper is lifted with the damper lock, our equipment provides the opportunity to work by providing work safety conditions.
  16. It does not pose a danger to other vehicles coming from behind in traffic during sweeping with its highly effective flashing and directional lamps.
  17. The control systems of our equipment are programmed by our company and improvements can be made according to possible requests.
  18. With the pressurized chamber washing system, the equipment can be washed with its own water.
  19. The control can be achieved by moving far enough from the damper and rear cover with the equipment control command.


  • Vacuum Road Sweeper is painted against corrosion and to be cleaned.
  • Primer and top coat paints used have TSE or equivalent national or international quality certificate.
vacuum road sweeper

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