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turkish garbarge company

Garbage compactor truck is designed to break down bulky items by applying pressure to the waste and by that way, more garbage could be transported by one one. It is ideal solution for solid waste collection, while dirty liquids could be flowed into waste sink, aiming to prevent re-pollution. Garbage compactor system consists of a hermitical garbage box, a hydraulic system and an operating system. The new operating system could be controlled electrically, alternatively manually.

Turkish Garbage Compactor Company


turkish garbage truck company

Among Turkish Garbage Compactor Company, Orakci Machinery designs and produces garbage compactor vehicles which are safe, durable, efficient and competitive. Orakci has a great experience to understand their customers’ need and is able to adjust the design of products. The OMN series, as shown in pictures above, mini compactor carries the task of squeezing without the rear cover, allowing for high volume transport in confined spaces. In marketplaces with large volumes of waste that do not require too much compression, successful results are achieved in recycling-oriented domestic waste transport.



Hidromak is a Turkish Garbage Compactor Company . This company manufactures functional and intelligent solutions for waste management and recycling and has similar solutions as our company.


Another of the companies is EFE Industry . The equipments that they design are able to collect the containers having different capacities on garbage transport with compaction.


Faun: In Rekordzeit vom Mechatroniker zum Servicetechniker für  Kommunalfahrzeuge |

Faun Group is a leader company in developing new vehicle technology in the waste disposal vehicle segment since 1845. Among Turkish Garbage Compactor Company, FAUN is investing in innovative disposal vehicles and high-tech systems and even environmental friendly products.

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