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Telescopic work platforms (OTP) which are designed for comfortable and safe work in high field work, are integral parts of demanding duties. Telescopic platforms (OTP) are designed for areas that are higher and difficult to reach than articulated platforms (OKP). Telescopic work platforms provide safe working at places and heights that are difficult to reach in areas such as exterior cleaning and maintenance, service works such as wood cutting, maintenance and repair of electrical lines, exterior construction, mechanical and industrial assembly works.

What are On-Vehicle Telescopic Work Platforms?

They are work platforms that are mounted on a vehicle (truck, van, etc.), have chassis and boom structure and also have stabilizers and a lifting system. Employees can safely board and disembark to the work platform vehicle from ground level or via the chassis. Raising is not possible without the booster installed.

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What Do On-Vehicle Telescopic Work Platforms Do?

They are used to provide access to work areas that are difficult to access and located at height. Since it is mounted on the vehicle, it can be easily moved to the desired location and a safe working environment can be provided quickly by installing stabilizers. These platforms are not technically suitable for carrying loads.

telescopic work platforms

Working Principle of On Vehicle Telescopic Work Platforms

  • They provide safe movement capability in the movements of the boom by means of balance moment systems.
  • Thanks to the hydraulic automatic basket balancer, any accident is prevented and a safer work environment is provided.
  • With optional horn systems and lighting in the basket, they offer more comfortable and easy work.
  • Equipment with 200 to 250 kg working baskets has an optional ± 90 ° rotation capability.
  • Four balance feet are controlled independently from each other and surface linearity is ensured with the balance indicator.
  • Control panels that can be controlled independently from each other in the tower and the basket are located on all telescopic platforms.
  • Sensitive use can be achieved thanks to the joystick and proportional structure in automatic algorithmic uses.
  • Maximum security in electrical insulation is achieved with the composite personnel carrying basket. Again, the 5000 V electrical insulation in the basket is a safety indicator.

Types of On Vehicle Telescopic Work Platforms

The appropriate product should be preferred according to the size of the work to be done and how much height is required.

Orakcı Machinery produces equipment that can reach 8 different heights. These are; 12 mt, 14 mt, 16 mt, 18 mt, 20 mt, 22 mt, 25 mt, 27 mt.

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