Suitable Vehicles for Garbage Truck, 7 most selling companies in Europe

Chassis Manufacturers for Garbage Truck

Vehicles used as garbage truck in Europe

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Vehicles for garbage truck used at Orakci Machinery

There is a long list of companies who manufacture vehicles that could be used as garbage truck. In this blog, companies who are most preferred in Europa and by Orakci Machinery will be mentioned.


Vehicles for Garbage Truck

ISUZU, manufactures high efficiency vehicles with outstanding power, torque and fuel efficiency on the highway. They offer a big variant of body applications for waste collections companies. ISUZU, as a market leader in brandable chassis and selling most innovative trucks in Japan plays even a global role in Europa.


Mitsubishi Logo | evolution history and meaning

Vehicles for garbage truck from Mitsubishi, are very reliable, high-efficient, easy to maintain and offer high carrying capacities. In 2018, Mitsubishi Fuso together with Kawasaki City has attempted to develop the world’s first all-electric light-duty truck to be converted for waste collection.


daf logo resized | Inconvenient Trucks

DAF Trucks N.V. is a technology company and the premier commercial vehicle manufacturer in Europe. Just like Mitsubishi, they also manufacture electrical vehicles for garbage truck. Their electrical garbage trucks have a principal for zero local emissions and very quiet operations that make the garbage truck ideal for urban garbage collection.


File:Mercedes Benz Logo 11.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Mercedes-Benz AG, has introduced their first vehicle for garbage truck in 1998, specially designed for urban use with its low frame, level cab floor and folding doors. Their brand is the standard in terms of safety and visibility. Their vehicle for garbage truck is a popular one among the competitors in Europa.

Other vehicle body companies:

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