The Importance of Collecting and Transporting Waste

In terms of public health and urban aesthetics, solid wastes generated at its source should be removed from urban living areas regularly and as soon as possible.

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What are the Potential Risks of Waste Accumulating in Urban Habitats?

Direct or indirect contact with solid wastes that accumulate in areas where people, animals and pests can easily reach can cause problems that may threaten our health.

Waste accumulated in urban areas is spread around with the effect of stray animals and wind. Wastes waiting for a long time cause unpleasant odors over time, bacteria and fungi formed by reproducing flies and insects begin to create potential pathogenic risks for humans. In addition, there are many animals living or feeding on these wastes, such as mice and gulls, and they can carry pathogens outside of the waste.

What should be the ideal collection system?

Solid wastes do not pose a problem as long as they are properly managed, but in places where waste collection and cleaning of public spaces are insufficient, wastes accumulate over time and pose a threat to public health as well as the problems they create in terms of urban aesthetics.

The fast, efficient, economical and untouched collection and transportation of wastes from the places, buildings, public areas where they are generated form the basis of all waste management systems.

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The importance of collecting solid wastes with containers

It is necessary to collect the waste in urban habitats without touching people, animals and nature, and collect and transport it without human touch.

 The important benefits of the containerized waste collection system are as follows;

  • Waste water, especially caused by the decomposition of organic wastes, does not spread around.
  • It considerably reduces the spread of bad odor of waste to the environment.
  • It prevents visual pollution.
  • It reduces the effect of waste from climatic conditions such as rain and snow.
  • It prevents stray animals from mixing and spreading wastes.
  • Increases collection efficiency, minimizes the time to load the waste into the vehicle.
  • Waste removed before the scheduled collection time can be kept until the next collection time.
  • It is safer in terms of job security of collection personnel. It prevents the contact of the personnel with the cutting and piercing materials in the wastes during loading.

Advantages of Collecting Waste with  Garbage Trucks

Garbage trucks are the most commonly preferred equipment for collecting waste, collected in containers from where they are located.

Benefits of collecting with garbage trucks;

  • • Since they can be produced in various sizes and capacities and can be mounted on all kinds of vehicles, a suitable vehicle can be provided for everywhere such as narrow streets, steep slopes, difficult terrain conditions and such. Thanks to this flexibility, the waste collection service can be easily reached anywhere.
  • • Containers of all features can be easily unloaded thanks to the container lifting device. There is no need to use high cost and special containers.
  • • Thanks to its leak-proof and closed structure, it prevents the spread of garbage water and odor at collection points and transportation routes.
  • • It provides loading and transportation of waste in a closed volume without touching the waste, without spilling it on the ground.
  • • It does not cause visual pollution thanks to its closed system.
  • • They are efficient and economical vehicles with maximum waste carrying capacity thanks to the compression system.
  • • It is safe in terms of occupational safety of garbage collection personnel since it is loaded and transported without touching the waste.

Outstanding Features of Orakcı Garbage Trucks

Orakcı Machinery manufactures hydraulic compacted garbage trucks in 3 different series as ORV 200, ORV 300 and ORV 400 with years of experience of know-how.

  • Superior features of Orakcı  Garbage Equipment:
  • Production in different volumes between 5m³ and 32m³
  • High maneuverability thanks to short vehicle overhang
  • User friendly with its ergonomic structure
  • Environmentally friendly with its sealed body structure


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