Hydraulic Garbage Compactor

As Orakcı Machinery, we only produce equipment. With our customer requests, we manufacture our equipment from scratch. In order to keep customer satisfaction and the quality of our products at the highest levels,We continue sales activities with our professional business partners and dealers .

What is the Hydraulic System

There are more than one system of machines in all areas of our lives that provide convenience at points where human power is not enough. There are some assemblies and components for these machines to operate smoothly and perfectly. One of these assemblies and systems is the hydraulic system.

In hydraulics, force transmission is achieved with the help of pressure energy given to the fluid. The pressure energy is converted into force and motion by the appropriate receivers. Pressure energy is transmitted by Transport on the fluid. Pressure energy is loaded on the fluid by some mechanical devices. So pressure is created. Where the fluid under pressure is transmitted, it creates force and motion again with the help of mechanical devices. For example, it is a very common hydraulic practice to create pressure on the mineral oil with a pump and carry it in a pipe and achieve thrust with the help of a cylinder and piston at the other end.

The creation and installation of hydraulic systems is created at quite high costs. But despite this situation; the fact that it takes up little space, benefits in many ways are among its advantages. Of course, in addition to this, it can also be a factor in the formation of some dangerous situations.However, as long as customer choose good brand, high quality and safe products like us. The problem will not even occur.

Hydraulic Garbage Compactor | Orakcı Machinery

As orakci Machinery, we use hydraulic system in all garbage compactors that we produce. With these hydraulic systems, it can be seen that our compression mechanisms are more powerful than a normal garbage compactor. Because of the advantages of the hydraulic system, such as more powerful compression and turning waste into smaller parts, our machines are better quality than other companies.

1- 200 SERIES

2- 300 SERIES

3- 400 SERIES

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4- OMN series – Monoblock Compactors

Hydraulic Garbage Compactor

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