Brief History of Garbage Truck

For centuries, wagons, horse-drawn carriages and other means of transport have been used to collect waste and garbage.The primary self-propelled garbage trucks were the ones ordered by Chiswick District Council. Those garbage trucks were modified as a steam motor tip-car. Their aim is to the collection of dust and home waste.

The first garbage trucks began to be seen as open-top trucks in 1920. But due to  waste that fall during transport and bad smell, it could not be used very much. In addition, garbage trucks were brought to life with a closed top. These trucks first began to be seen in countries such as densely populated North America, Europe, and then spread around the world.

The fact that trucks solely have safe deposit boxes and garbage collectors do all the opposite tasks has began to slow this sector. This downside was averted by the top of 1920, as garbage men were unable to raise heavy bins and garbage pack to the vault level. Consequently, trucks solely have crates and garbage collectors perform all other tasks has began to slow this sector. As refuse collector  were unable to raise heavy bins and garbage packs to vault level problem occurred. This downside was resolved simply by the end of 1920. In 1937, Geogre Dempster release the Dempster-Dumpster system within which wheeled waste containers were automatically tipped into the truck.

In 1938, the Garwood loading and packing machine put in a compactor on the truck, thereby revolutionizing the waste industry. The primary compactor will double the capability of the truck. this can be achieved through the utilization of hydraulic presses that often compact the truck’s contents..

1950s Garbage Truck System

Other Words Used for Garbage Truck

  • Garbage Truck
  • Dustcart
  • Dustbin
  • Wheelie Bins
  • Bin Wagon
  • Bin Lorry

Other Words Used in Other Languages ​​for Garbage Truck

  • Turkish
  • Italian
    • camion della spazzatura
  • Spanish
    • camiòn de la basura
  • German
    • die Kübelwagen
  • Russian
    • мусоровоз
  • French
    • camion à ordures
garbage truck

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