Garbage Truck Manufacturers

Basically, garbage truck manufacturers, responsible of produce garbage trucks, collect garbage, and every other thing that is closely related to cleaning. These producers work with municipalities, and private companies most of the time. They produce vehicles such as garbage trucks on order and offer them for sale to individuals or institutions.

For us citizens, the main reason for cleaning our streets, avoiding bad odors, and living in a beautiful environment is from garbage truck manufacturers and cleaning companies. Garbage truck manufacturers, one of the most important institutions and manufacturers in terms of urbanization, is the pearl of our lives. Garbage truck manufacturers are based on concepts such as cleanliness, order, health, environmental cleanliness, and visual beauty that come to mind when it comes to urbanization.

In addition to a large number of these manufacturers, three of them are dominating the Turkey market. Orakcı Machinery, Hidro-Mak, Efe.

Garbage Truck Manufacturers

Orakcı Machinery

garbage truck manufacturers

Orakçı Makine, which was established in 1992 and changed its name in 2002, maintains its place in this sector with its sales in many provinces of Turkey and 6 continents of the world.

Our company has announced its name in the garbage truck manufacturers by selling 12 different machines.

Orakcı Machinery Quality Policy

  • To meet the demands of our customers at the highest level and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction,
  • To ensure sustainability in customer satisfaction by designing and producing quality, innovative and trouble-free products,,
  • Providing our products and services in accordance with customer requirements and national and international standards,
  • To ensure our quality by standardizing our products and processes,
  • Being close to customers by owning our products after sales,
  • To work effectively and efficiently, based on data, with management understanding through processes,
  • Increasing quality and efficiency to a level that can compete at the international level with the understanding of continuous improvement,
  • Increase the experience based on learned knowledge by investing in the human being, which is the main value,
  • Creating a healthy and safe business environment dominated by mutual respect and cooperation,
  • Providing the necessary resources for the satisfaction and development of our employees,
  • To increase our competencies by allocating resources to our R & D activities, learning and development,
  • To be an institution that adheres to universal ethical values in all our relations, complies with the law, knows and fulfills its responsibilities to today’s People, future generations and the environment,

Certificates and Documents

Documents and certificates are important in the garbage truck manufacturers sector, as in every sector, in addition to fulfilling customer demands and providing customer confidence.These documents, which show how professional we are in the field, are given below respectively.

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