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garbage truck compactor

As Orakcı Machinery, we produce 4 different new generation garbage truck equipment and garbage truck compactor. By producing our equipment from scratch according to customer requests, we have been playing to the first place in sales in Turkey and 6 continents for many years as a company that cares about the quality and perfection of each of our equipment. All of our Garbage truck compactors have hydraulic system and are manufactured in accordance with first class quality standards.

How Does Garbage Compactor Equipment Assemble to the Chassis

The welding robot compresses the steel supports into the steel body of the truck, this system allows these supports to apply resistance to pressure when compressing garbage. At this time, different parts, such as the roof and Wall, take their shape. When they are completed, these parts are combined with a metal skeleton. Now our skeleton is prepared for other parts such as the body and chamber. Combined with a powerful hydraulic jammer, this Hopper is installed in front of the truck chassis. The rear lids are joined by hinges and hydraulic cylinders are added for opening and closing.

After the garbage truck compactors pass various tests, they enter the paint process and are fully painted with protective paints. In order for the equipment to sit on the compactor, part of the chassis is cut off and the equipment is mounted on top of the chassis with the help of a crane. It then appears ready for use.

What is hydraulic system in garbage truck compactor?

As orakci Machinery, we use hydraulic system in all garbage compactors that we produce. With these hydraulic systems, it can be seen that our compression mechanisms are more powerful than a normal garbage compactor.

In hydraulics, force transmission is achieved with the help of pressure energy given to the fluid. The pressure energy is converted into force and motion by the appropriate receivers. Pressure energy is transmitted by Transport on the fluid. Pressure energy is loaded on the fluid by some mechanical devices. So pressure is created. Where the fluid under pressure is transmitted, it creates force and motion again with the help of mechanical devices. For example, it is a very common hydraulic practice to create pressure on the mineral oil with a pump and carry it in a pipe and achieve thrust with the help of a cylinder and piston at the other end.

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