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turkish garbage company
Turkish Garbage Company


Our company was established in 1992 as a sales departmant, service provider, and logistics company. It ıs known as one of the most successful garbage companies in Turkey. Our mission is to provide Garbage truck waste collection and special service equipment; To design and produce products that are safe, durable, competitive, and preferred in global markets in line with customer needs. Our production continues at full speed, with dozens of certificates we have received globally, without sacrificing quality. Besides, we announce our name for 20 years in the global market.

As a garbage company we aware of the fact that our world needs to minimalize the waste. We try not to harm nature by minimizing the wastes with our machines as much as we can. With our new-gen machines, we are protecting our location in this competitive.

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Waste Connections

Waste connections is a garbage company across the Uk and Canada, they are doing waste service business. Just like our company Waste connections protecting their location in the global market.

Zöller-Kipper GmbH

Zöller-Kipper was established as a garbage company in Germany. Their aim is to provide solid refuse collection bodies and lifters to the customers. Besides they are selling supplier for refuse collection, vehicles, and lifter over 70 years. They are capable of over 200 model container sizes from 60 liters to 10cbm.

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