Garbage Compactor Truck Design

Garbage Compactor Truck Design

As orakci Machinery, with more than 30 years of experience, we take the top position in this competitive sector. Believing that our world has an excess of waste, we invest in both our environment and our future by producing equipment that tries to attract this waste to the most minimal levels. For this reason, our garbage compactor truck designs are also aimed at what we believe.

Garbage Compactor Truck Design

In our equipment, we use the white color, which refers to cleanliness, along with our logo. We only place our logo on our equipment to provide as simple and beautiful a look as possible.

We use blue in our logo because we believe in the characteristics of blue color, such as symbolizing harmony, cheering and comforting people. Green, one of the most harmonious colors of Blue, is included in our logo because it symbolizes the environment and nature.

Along with our description in this section, the design of our equipment, which you will see in the photos, is simple and stylish. The colors, logo and simplicity we use symbolize many things we believe in as a company.

We capture this simple and stylish look by applying the highest quality paints to our equipment under construction. The high quality of the paints prevents contamination and brings with it features such as being easy to wash.

As ORAKCI MACHINERY, we care about the quality of our equipment as well as its appearance and elegance. Each of our equipment reflects our company and raises quality standards to the highest level in this sector.

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For more information about garbage compactors equipment for sale, contact our account executive.

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