Orakçı ERP System

“We are creating a system that constantly evolves and makes itself valuable”

Ergün ŞENSOY- Mechanical Engineer

ERP system designed by Orakcı Machinery and put into use for the machines it produces, from order taking to product delivery, with the support of Dora Informatics company within the Group.

This system is constantly improving itself. The system is a structure that creates the follow-up of production processes, the determination of needs and the product memory in the subsequent process. The ring of this system begins with the delivery of a sales offer and the creation of an order. All products are defined by the coding system and bill of materials prescription are created and prepared, including assembly processes. This prepared data goes to planning for the next process. Later, material requirement planning based on stock control, project planning is made by evaluating the current intensity of production and resources, and work orders are assigned to all stations via the online system.

erp system
erp system

The system which is living, lean and visible has been created by starting, completing, controlling and informing work through tablets in production processes, workstations, input, process and final quality. With this system, the finished, ongoing, paused, pending jobs at all production stations can be seen on a screen at the same time. Also, if necessary, the jobs assigned to the workstations can be changed to give flexibility and speed. In addition to providing an efficient working environment, it ensures that the products are completed at the given deadline.

With the coding system and prescription of all products, it has implemented the material, spare parts, products and semi-products that our customers will need in the future, preserving them in the company’s memory and quickly accessing and producing solutions.

erp system

In order for this Orakci ERP system to be carried out in a healthy manner, first of all, our employees are provided with continuous and repetitive informing trainings to support us in process improvement studies.

Orakci Machinery is working hard to reach the next level with the contribution, support and development suggestions offered by our employees.

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