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Founded in 1992 to provide garbage truck equipment, service and logistics support, our company Orakçı Makine has been at the top of the global market since 2002. Our company, which has been continuing its sales for years without slowing down with professional dealers and partners on 6 continents with over 12 products, also maintains its place in the top position in this competitive sector.

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Our Products

  • 1-  Waste Management Equipments
  • • Refuse Compactors
  • • Monoblock Compactors
  • • Mini Dumpers
  • • Hooklifts
  • • Skiploaders
  • • Road Sweepers
  • 2-   Aerial Platforms
  • • Telescopic Platforms 
  • • Articulated Platforms
  • 3-    Recovery Vehicles
  • • Recovery Vehicles With Crane
  • • Recovery Vehicles With Sliding Platforms
  • 4-  Special Equipments
  • • Refuse Compactors With Bin Washer
  • • Portable Compactors

As a Compactor company and equipment manufacturer, we produce new generation high-end equipment without compromising quality. Our sales in 6 continents and almost 30 years of experience in this sector allows us to move Orakci machinery to the highest levels in every sense.

With our experienced and professional staff, we have been growing our company by adding strength to our strength over the years.

As Orakcı Machinery, we only produce equipment. With our customer requests, we manufacture our equipment from scratch. In order to keep customer satisfaction and the quality of our products at the highest levels, we continue our sales with professional business partners.

Our Vision and Mission as Compactor Company and Equipment Manufacturer


To be a leading brand in the sector that grows steadily in global markets with sustainable strong collaborations and new production areas.


On-board waste collection and special service equipment; To design and produce products that are safe, durable, competitive and preferred in global markets in line with customer needs.

As a compactor company we aware of the fact that our world needs to minimalize the waste. We try not to harm nature by minimizing the wastes with our machines as much as we can. With our new-gen machines, we are protecting our location in this competitive.

Our Garbage Truck Wagons


compactor company



OMN series – Monoblock Compactors

compactor company


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