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bin lorry
Bin Lorry

Bin Lorry Working Principle

Bin lorry is the name of garbage trucks which used for the collection of domestic waste in United Kingdom especially. These types of vehicles are adapted for collecting primarily household waste, equipped with a compact storage space and with a load capacity of usually 5 to 6 tons.

How exactly does a bin lorry work? The working principle is the same basic actually,  the bins are lifted and unloaded into a hopper by hydraulic means (although some of us in this office are old enough to remember when teams of bin men did this by muscle power alone), the hopper is cleared into the body of the truck, and the waste is compacted. At the end of the lorry’s round, the compacting process is reversed, and the lorry empties itself at the recycling plant of landfill site.

According to the description of one of the native people, a garbage truck is a dustcart or a (dust)bin lorry. Garbage collectors are dustmen (or binmen). The rubbish is placed in dustbins. These days, the dustbins are also called wheelie bins. (They have wheels.) In any event, the rubbish is taken to a rubbish tip, where it is tipped out.

Electrical Bin Lorry

Bin lorries operate in largely residential areas, with their diesel engines in constant use 14 hours per day, achieving only 2.5 – 4.5miles per gallon, having emissions that include nitrogen oxide (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (THC and NMHC) and particulate matter (PM), which is essentially soot. New bin lorries are equipped with electric motors which provide many advantages, including silent running, zero emissions.

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Other Words Used for Garbage Truck

  • Garbage Truck
  • Dustcart
  • Dustbin
  • Wheelie Bins
  • Bin Wagon
  • Bin Lorry

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