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Garbage Compactor

Did you ever think what happens to the trash that you take out of your home? Is it squeezed and thrown aside? Or is it burning? Yes and no. These are some types of getting rid of garbage which is used by municipalities. Besides, there is one way which is called ‘’Garbage Compactor’’. These processes are generally used in homes and the dustcarts. Let’s see what is Garbage Compactor, how it works, and which are the favorites. 

What Is Garbage Compactor?

Basically, a compactor is a machine that is used to decrease the size of the material, such as waste material, trash, recycling material, etc. When garbage is added next to the compactor, it does not actually change much. A garbage compactor that aims to reduce the size of your waste on landfills actually works easily. The garbage thrown into the garbage compactor is divided into small and collectable pieces with a metal mallet, then these garbage pieces are collected in groups in a bag or compacted. 

For Municipalities and Waste Companies

OPC Series – Portable Compactors ORAKCI MACHINERY

The fixed mini compactor has the same compression and unloading power as the Mini compactor. Can be installed on a wheeled or fixed platform at a sufficient height. The system has an electromotor driven working principle. The mechanism provides compression with the help of a double articulated knife, and discharge with the help of an inner curtain.

It has the ability to transfer to the ORV 300 and 400 series. The container lifting apparatus allows both container and manual loading.

OBW series – Refuse Compactors With Bin Washer ORAKCI MACHINERY

Refuse Compactor With Bin Washer (OBW), which combines rear-loading garbage equipment and container washing equipment. Having a working principle based on efficiency, it is able to collect and wash garbage at the same time. The Container Washer Waste Bin (OBW) introduces an innovative solution that removes the need for additional vehicle investment and over-travel. The washing gun on the vehicle provides the equipment support required for the washing operation in the areas to be cleaned.

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