5 Awesome Garbage Truck Videos Youtube

Did you ever think that how many hours you spent in youtube? Nowadays so many people spending their time in youtube with so many video. You may like to watch truck videos, garbage truck videos or even how they are made. This choice is totally up to you. In this article we collected world most wieved garbage truck videos in order to give our readers information.

Garbage Truck Videos

1-Rear Loader Garbage Trucks Across Europe

In this garbage truck video, you can witness all type of garbage truck and how they are working. As this is the one of the most popular garbage truck videos in youtube we recommend you to watch firstly.


This video is generally aim to teach how garbage truck works and what is for. With its colorful scenes it is directly addressing to the kids.


One of the most popular question about garbage trucks is ”Where they are unloading their load?” . This video will erase your question on your mind.

4-Republic Services: Rear Loader Garbage Truck on Manual Trash and Leaves

5-Garbage Trucks Dumping at the Transfer Station

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garbage truck videos

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